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Delivering powerful safety & security solutions. To get you results.
Security Systems

The two most important factors to consider when choosing a home or business security system are reliability of equipment and quality of service. JES is an authorized provider of home and business systems. Protecting Your home and business is number one, using experienced installation techniques to install your system and delivering exemplary levels of service after installation.


CCTV Systems

Security cameras offer an effective way to increase your home or business overall safety. Adding a security camera system can deliver extra protection, using technology that provides real-time visual information about what’s happening around your home or business. Plus, surveillance camera footage is routinely used to apprehend and prosecute burglars and other criminals. Security cameras also provide peace of mind, because they act as an extra set of eyes watching over your property.


Fire Alarm Systems

JES has been protecting people, assets and properties against the threat of fire since 1990.

Our history is built on personal relationships and the experience of our employees. We know that nothing is more important to you than the safety of the people and assets in your properties. Our fire alarm systems and services provide you with peace of mind, convenience, exceptional service and prompt follow through on details.


Access Control.jpg
Card Access Systems

JES has a variety of standalone digital keypads, proximity cards, and biometic access control systems equipment to meet virtually any need. 

They fulfill a dual role: they  keep unauthorized people out, and let authorized users through. In addition to allowing or denying access, many systems track who comes and goes.

PA System.jpg
Intercom/P.A. Systems

Install or Replace, We Have it All. Our home and business Intercom experts are here to help you solve your communication problems with the widest selection of Intercoms and Nurse Call systems available. Systems that keep customers informed, staff aware, and operations running smoothly. We also spealize in Home Theatre Systems.




Nurse Call Systems

TekTone has UL Listed nurse call systems to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Also known as call bell or call light systems, nurse call systems are the communication link between residents or patients and caregivers.


Testing & Inspection

Fire alarm systems are expected to help protect people, property, and assets. But you can’t tell if they’re fully operational just by looking at them. As with any other system, electronics and other components can become defective over time and compromise the system’s operation. Dust, dirt, and other contaminants can cause problems with smoke detectors. The good news is that with proper testing, inspection, and maintenance you can keep your fire alarm system at optimum operating performance.


We're a Certificated Life Safety / Security Dealer

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